Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mantra for Happy and Satisfied Life

Whether you believe it or not, what you are today is the result of your own actions. we create our realities consciously or unconsciously. OUR LIFE is manifested by our mind, and this is no Superstition, It is Rather SCIENCE.

When You learn to control Your mind, the new You emerges, who is much more confident, energetic, much more joyfull, much more successfull, and much more positive.


It is not Secret at all.. it is an Art of Health Wealth and Happiness (AHWAH )

I, Deepali, am a Certified Reiki Master and Life Coach. I have done Masters in- Human Resource Management and can very well read emotional state of people. I have been Practicing Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Angel Therapy, Intuitive Angel Card Reading, New Avatar Power (NAP) and other spiritual practices from around 4 years and have been healing people across India for physical and emotional issues. I have also been giving Motivational Sessions from the last 10 Years.

What Is AHWAH :

AHWAH - Art of Health, Wealth and Happiness :

Is a 30 days course which you can chose to either learn in a 1 day workshop / or from the comfort of your home, wherein we teach you how to Train your mind to get the desired results or to take control of your life. - Mind Power Course
along with this, we also Attune you to the Unlimited Supply of Universal Force Energy ( REIKI ) to enable you to reach your goals faster with the mix or Mind power and Reiki power.

Please get in touch with me, for more details at , alternatively you can call me at 9971649345.

I also Teach all level of Usui Reiki, Angel Therapy / Healing, Chakra Science, Art of Medication. Conducts Free Meditation Camps too.

I am not only offering differently designed courses, which is very easy to practice and which you can incorporate in your daily schedule without disturbing your life BUT I ALSO GIVE  100% SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE to my students.

Reiki always works for your highest good and works even for most skeptic people, irrespective of any disease or problem. and when proper guidance is there, one can produce miracles.

Courses I Conduct :

1. Usui Reiki All Levels
2. Karuna Reiki All Levels
3. Mind Power Course
4. Angel Healing Course
5. Dowsing

If you Really wants to transform your life and discover the True You. Contact Reiki Master Deepali at OR Call at 9971649345

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